The ICO Mail Bag

"My wife's parents always had ico, thought we should too.."
Kent G

"The ico employees treat me like a friend, not a customer."
Dorothy O

"ICO takes care of me.."
Jackie P

"I am thankful to be an ico customer because of the great customer service. ICO employees are the greatest."
Lora M

"That lady who answers the ico phone makes me smile.."
Mike P

"Nice people. Good service."
Marcia B

"I like how courteous you are on the phone..."
Dale A

"Great customer service...among the best" (and this is increasingly rare)
- Honore L.

"As a new customer, I appreciate your friendly staff."
- Ellen L.

"Your payment plan works well for a person like me who got sick and my income decreased. It gives me peace of mind."
- Linda S.

"ICO people are dependable..."
Clifford T

"I love what they do for the community..."
Sarah S.

"You make my life easier on a fixed income.."
Sharlene L

"The young fellow who cleaned my furnace was very congenial.."
Gloria L

"When I call for oil, it's always here on time."
Robert W

"I like the things they put in with the bills..."
Janice M

"We've been with ico 38 years. That says it all."
Craig E

"Thanks for keeping me warm."
Jackie O

"I am worry-free with ICO"
David T

"Liz and Dave are always helpful"
Darlene B

"ICO has saved the day - in the middle of the night."
Kimberly T

"I can count on ico"
Pat W

"I am a happy customer and my dad believed in ico.."
Jackie D

"I love going in to pay my bill. They have great candy waiting for me"
Jim C

"Thank you for sponsoring the Minnesota Ballet.."
Patricia D

"ICO is so easy to do business with. Hometown excellent service"
Mary J

"I remember you from when I was a kid in DARE. And now I am an oil customer."
Mike L

"I have been a customer for over 40 years and have always had excellent service'
Catherine G

"ICO treats me like a real person - not just an account."
Warren H

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