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A lot has changed since 1953, when ICO first started delivering home heating oil. One thing that hasn’t changed, is that here at ICO we still believe in old fashioned, personalized service for all of our residential and commercial customers.


First Jobs Started Here!

Those of us at ico found this article enlightening to think 1 in 9 people got their first jobs at a convenience store like ours! We know that many of our former employees are now enjoying careers as doctors, lawyers, bankers, business executives, business owners and more! Send us your name, what year you worked for us and where - and what you are doing now! We would love to hear from our ico alumni!

The sign says it all.

This sign hangs above in a small room...in Superior, Wisconsin.
The Judy L. Weber Always Room...for volunteers.
One of those double-meaning expressions of we can always use more volunteers.
Especially here at CASDA - a beautiful, modern shelter of sorts for women and children who have been victims of domestic violence.
It's a safe-haven - made possible by many, many volunteers, and organizations, groups, businesses throughout our community and region.
This room is very special to those of us at Inter City Oil not only because it bears the name of our company's chief executive officer but more importantly because of what it provides to those in need.


Inter City Oil Welcomed the Roosevelts to the Bong Center in Superior on July 4, 2018.